What people are saying about YC Chocolate:

“Best sugar free chocolate I have ever tasted.”

-Karen Leonard, Willits CA
I’ve been a physician for over twenty years, and a Type 1 diabetic
for the last five. I’ve always loved chocolate, but have been less
than satisfied with what sugar-free products were on the market.
[I] was really knocked out when I ordered a few of your bars …
there is no comparison. Yours is truly a wonderful, quality
chocolate… the best I have had, with or without sugar.
Please keep up the good work.

-Carl H Lopez MPH FACM

I just tried my first piece of Dark chocolate w/almonds!!!! I’m a
registered nurse and a diabetic who wants to be able to indulge
without making my blood sugars skyrocket. I’ve found my pot of
gold!!! I’ve tried everything on the market I think. This product
has got to be the best there is!!!!

Thank you so much. I’ll be ordering again soon.

-Penni Sadlon RN BSN
Diabetic for 8 years

“You’d never guess that these luxurious candies are sugar-free
and no added sugar, if we didn’t tell you. Honest.”

-Neiman Marcus

“Velvety smooth chocolates of superlative quality are the best
we’ve ever eaten. (YC Chocolate) is an elegant premium candy
that will rival any fancy boutique. You’d never guess that they are
sugar free and all natural if we didn’t tell you.”

-A Southern Season

“This one will throw you for a loop. YC Chocolate is the first to
offer exceptional all natural and sugar-free chocolates! When you
taste it, instead of saying, ‘This is not bad for sugar-free’, you’ll be
asking, ‘Are you sure this is sugar-free?” YC Chocolates are
sweetened with Maltitol, a corn derivative. And, it is not only for
diabetics but also for those who want to ‘eat well’ and ‘eat clean’.

Finally, luxurious chocolate that didn’t leave anything out…except
the sugar. Now you can indulge in rich and creamy truffles,
buttercreams, caramels, nut clusters, meltaways, toffees, and
other assorted chocolates without any of the guilt – all from YC
Chocolate, the premier chocolatier.”

-West Point Market